Saving Money In The Post Pandemic World.

Saving Money In The Post Pandemic World.

It's All New Outside!

For many Canadians, the pandemic has proved that you can live and work in a different way, but now that we appear to have got this global health challenge behind us, is there a way that we can ‘build back better’ and make our lives better than before?

The answer is yes, and it’s easier than you think – simply look back at the habits you picked up while under ‘lockdown’ and continue on with them. Not only will it streamline your life but you will end up spending less and hopefully saving more, making your future better. You can even save some payday money! Look at how you have lived over the last year-and-a-half and how easy it was to change your usual habits:

More Nights at Home and less Evenings Out:

A ‘carry out’ service used to be strictly for fast food, but you have been doing it for all restaurant meals. These services should continue, so save money on restaurant ‘sit down’ meals and get lower delivery fees by using mobile services more: Now, Fast Food Friday could be accompanied by Sexy Sunday Dinner, by utilizing these services. You may also get some leftovers to further decrease your food bill. Of course, you are probably cooking more, too and home cooked meals are definitely more cost-conscious with the ability to cook once for multiple meals. You are also trying different foods and cooking methods, putting some interest back into the kitchen. Unbelievably before the pandemic, Canadian households spent an average of $2,775 a year on restaurants, according to Statistics Canada. A great way to start any home budgeting plan would be to rethink your evenings out and this is definitely a good start.

If you aren’t one of the Millions that has invested in a Television streaming service, prices are still great, here, too. $25 per month or so, gives you access to great first run movies as well as Television events that you may have missed. Take those nights out down to one per week, and save money by bulking up your home time and spending less on those expensive evenings out. Quick loans can definitely help, here.

Getting Outside With A Purpose:

You haven’t got to chain yourself in your apartment and bolt the door, forever, however. Take as much time as you can to go out, get a breath of fresh air and do something ‘green-oriented’ in your own community. There are tons of activities you can do to please yourself, or make a difference in other people’s lives: A stroll in the local woods or around the park, outdoor sports, can be free or low-cost and volunteering within your community helps you and others that are less fortunate. During the pandemic, most of us put our gym memberships on hold and tried outdoor workouts or found ways to exercise at home. Whether it’s embracing an early-morning run or a YouTube yoga session in our living room, we’ve discovered that fitness doesn’t require a monthly fee in Gym Membership – think how much that will save you!

Embrace Local Transit:

Throughout 2020, Hundreds of Thousands of Canadians had a useless automobile sitting in the driveway and they learned not to use it. Local Transit is no longer the Horror show you may remember from your youth and using it for nights out a well as commuting to and from the office definitely cuts down on stress as well as saving you hundreds of dollars per month. If you still need exercise, perhaps biking at least half of the way, together with transit gets you out of the house, helps your fitness and saves money. Instant approval!

If you are now working part- or full-time from home, this is also ‘a wallet plus’. But it shouldn’t imprison you indoors. A bike or skateboard ride around the block before your morning shower also helps you on multiple levels. From cutting your own hair to making coffee at home and taking it to work (instead of that early morning ‘Triple Latte’ stop), to shopping for clothes at the local Thrift Store, the options are endless. According to the Bank of Canada, Canadians spent about $4,000 less on average last year than in 2019 Imagine what those kinds of savings could do for you everyday!