How will your Finances Look after the Year End Celebrations

How will your finances look after the Year End Celebrations?

Everyone’s real cost of living changed in 2021. The ongoing Global pandemic had an unforeseen ‘fourth wave’ across North America, children under the age of 12 began their vaccinations, unseasonal weather affected most of the West and port closures, factory shutdowns, product halts and labour shortages are about to negatively affect the Winter Consumer buying season of November to April. How will this affect everyone’s buying power, this Winter?

The Global Supply Chain has failed over the last few months, due to the reliance on the ‘just in time’ delivery method favoured by large companies over the last few years. It will take many months for things to ramp back up to the ‘situation normal’ we have all become used to. Look for less items on Canadian store shelves, not just over Christmas, but into Easter 2022. This will affect a lot of households and businesses.

• How will Your Christmas and New Year celebrations look this year?

From a Macro business view, we can, sadly, look forward to more layoffs in the labour market in early 2022. Most of the plans that businesses had earlier this year, simply will not be able to be followed through on due to the situations noted above, rising inflation and less shoppers.

• Is Your Job Safe?

Although ‘The Great Resignation’ will be felt more acutely South of the Border, Canada’s professional classes have also taken the opportunity to reorder their lives and businesses have seen a more than 20% turnover, with Toronto’s downtown office space vacancy rate getting close to a 10% level.

• Will companies survive?

Banks and Financial Services are looking to raise rates as the overall economy gets more ‘green’ and whole industries struggle to pivot into more profitable concerns. Of course, this means rate rises, some think as much as 4%.

• Is your Mortgage safe?

The Federal Government may well be forced to grow Benefits as more and more people change the directions of their lives and take advantage of the weak economic outlook of the next few months. How will this uncertainty affect you?

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We have all been through a lot over the last 2 years. Are you ready to enjoy your year-end celebrations and are you able to look at different economic methods such as online payday loans to ensure it? It’s no longer the ‘forbidden’ way to do things and your Canadian financial supplier will be able to answer all of your questions on 'loans near me'.